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This is about spreading awareness of nutrient dense wholefoods that are animal-free sugar-free and gluten-free. Illuminating Consciousness in promoting healthy lifestyle choices not only through movement, good food and breath but accessing healing potential in a myriad of ways through health coaching, workshops and retreats. Working with Mums (but Dad's are welcome too) to set kids up for an informed future of food where they're early learning become the building blocks for a bright future.   

Coaching for grownups

Nutrition for Kids
P A N C A K E S don't have to be all about gluten sugar and eggs.
L U N C H ! Quinoa salad topped with tahini and sumac mmmmm #healthcoaching #munchkinkids #health #c
Mid-day smoothie snack attack #goodforyou #healthyfoodforkids
Yummmmmmm #healthfood #healthcoaching #smoothies #munchkinkids #supergreens
This is by far the sneakiest thing I've done in ages ! In my kids yumballs (but I'm having some) I p
Remembering my Aunty and Uncle's beautiful organic garden #Portugal #organicfood #family


      Healthy Nutrition for Kids

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